Cannes: scandal waiting Von Trier, the saga of Coppola and a celebration tricolor

Pragmatic by Lars von Trier: "Go to Cannes is always an investment … so I can finance my next movie," said Danish director for a Interviewer. A less than a week since the opening of the festival film scandal 2009 is already full-blown weblog: Antichrist, in which Von Trier tries his hand with pure horror. In Italy will be in cinemas from May 22, while the trailer is already in distribution. You can see also Daring.

But Cannes is not only competition and accompanying programs will also play on certainties, names on indisputable. Two out of all this: that Francis Ford Coppola (who had declined an official invitation). And the recent past: Michelangelo Antonioni. In the Classics, where restored films are presented that have shaped the history of cinema, it's [The Adventure] [11] (Down in addition to the head of Sergio Leone and Sense of Luchino Visconti).

In an edition of the Festival of Italian in the main competition was the only participation of Bellocchio with his "win", at least past the flag. That's not all: there will be room for Mega bridge dedicated to the beauty made in Italy. At the special screening of the films of Antonioni, 25 plaintiffs Italian – the most beautiful and Brave – will parade down the red carpet of Montée des marches to attend an evening at the Hotel Martinez. Some names: Claudia Cardinale, [Giovanna Mezzogiorno] [17], Virna Lisi, Valeria Solarino, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, [Michela Cescon] [21 ] Chiara Caselli, Silver Asia, [Martines Alessandra], [24] [Laura Morante] [25], Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, [Margherita Buy] [27 ], Valentina Cervi, Lea Massari. Special testimonial of Italian cinema, however Monica Vitti, whose image dominates the back poster of this 62nd edition of the Festival. Image is precisely the Adventure, the food was one of the most loved by Antonioni and penthouses that movie, Special Jury Prize at the XIII Festival marked the beginning of their artistic partnership.

E [Francis Ford Coppola] [31], what does? Factor, all right, and after nine years of absence from the screen once again the director has not forgotten his Italian roots.

Within the Directors' Fortnight, section parallel to the official, Coppola will present Bleak. Semi-autobiographical story of an Italian family of artists who emigrated to Argentina. The film cost 15 million dollars and starring Vincent Gallo [Maribel Verdú] [35], Klaus Maria Brandauer and Carmen Maura. From the premises, we expect a good romanzone. (AD)

[11]: 27avventura%

[17]: maggio-2009/1837



[35] C3% BA

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