Abel Ferrara to Venice Film Festival, through a docufilm Ischia to Naples

"Naples is" a city exciting, difficult and dramatic as many other cities in the world and at the same time is a unique city that is unlike any other, "so Abel Ferrara says that thin wire underground prompted the shooting "Naples, Naples Naples", films documenting a link between two dark cores, where the Bronx Neapolitan meets the real Bronx New York, neighborhood where Abel Ferrara was born and raised. The docufilm, which will probably be presented to the next [Venice Film Festival] [5], was born from the director of "Bad Lieutenant" and Gaetano Vaio, a former petty Naples who, once out of the loop of the underworld, begins his social commitment in the slums of the city, seeking to stem the tide of juvenile crime through his association "Children of the Bronx". The docu-fiction, however, promises not theyKing only a portrait of the city, but a look deep inside of his humanity, so vital and brutal at the same time passionate and cruel.

A thick film, but not why that 'Ischia Film Festival gave to the New York director of Coral Ciak. Career Achievement Award that the island's review, the only international competition dedicated to film locations, has already reserved for the likes of [Ken Adam] [10] (President of the Festival this year) Shaila Rubin, Vittorio Storaro, Kristoff Zanussi, Giuliano Montaldo, Osvaldo Desideri. Ferrara receive the homage of the movie during the final evening of the festival, on 11 July for "the value of a work visionary, restless and very few in the firmament as the original cinematic world." Occasion will present a preview a few minutes of "Napoli, Napoli.

Final note: in the 80s Andy Warhol called to Naples for an exhibition at the gallery Lucio Amelio wrote, "I love Naples because it reminds me of New York, like New York is dirty, like New York is falling apart … "is a question of latitude (the two cities as well as having the same name are on the same parallel and show no coincidence called Latitude Naples – New York) but reiterated intercontinental link is suggestive. (Antonella Durres)

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