"The night of pubblivori, here is the meal of spots

Lovers of television and assembly, do not usually, if true fans, to stop the production official. For years, is gaining a project that re-evaluates and raises the pubblicità level by as much as a movie poster. You read that right, here it is the historical reassessment of the much-hated break, useful only to the owner of the network earned funds, and that the final consumer, namely the citizen, gives perhaps the time to go to the toilet or pour the coffee. However, is forming a public of people who, faced with well-designed and produced commercials, perhaps shot by registi famosi and attori famosi, opposite the nailing tv. Well, not in all cases one can speak of spectator disturbed during the movie or game. In this increasingly large group of fans has given the Notte dei Pubblivori ", subtitled" La Grande Bouffe commercials from around the world. " Appointmentsare set for Rome auditorium Parco della Musica on October 17 and Milan on 23 and 24 to Teatro degli Arcimboldi, where the "complaints" will be projected on large screens until dawn. Any information on the events and perhaps on tickets is available at: www.lanottedeipubblivori.it. Already seeing the pubblcità because it pays well, the unique place with 11.50 Euro booking fee. (David Rabaioli)

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