Rome Film Fest, but George won Brotherhood Rights scoops awards. Mirren and best actors Castellitto

The Marc’Aurelio d’oro to a debut film. E 'Brotherhood Italian director – Danish Nicolo Donato, the winner of the fourth edition Festival internazionale del film di Roma. film, high intensity drammaticae and that would be the tabloid element of the festival had received the acclaim of critics and the public without being given favorable. The plot develops neo-Nazi circles in Copenhagen and homosexuals. brotherhoodlocandina The protagonist, Lars (Thure Lindhardt) after leaving the army decides to join a neo-Nazi group dedicated, among other things, night raids against homosexuals and ethnic minorities. But the brotherhood is also Jimmy (David Dencik), called to be his mentor. Born a friendship that will lead to an overwhelming passion and dangerous. "It 's not on a film about neo-Nazism", he stated the director (35anni, former fashion photographer) at the time of submission.

The public, chimeras to assign another gold Marcus Aurelius, has instead awarded what "rumors" gave to favored "L’uomo che verrà of Giorgio Diritti film about Strage di Marzabotto told by the inhabitants of small town Apennine Emilian dialect. Rights has also received the Grand Jury Prize Marc'Aurelio Argent oe awarded "The Best of Youth" in Youth Ministry for the best film related to youth issues and dedicated to education and civil rights. Marcus Aurelius Silver for Best Actress for Helen Mirren for The last station, "while best actor Sergio Castellitto, star of" Alza la testa of Alessandro Angelini.

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