The Turin Film Festival pays tribute to Nicholas Ray and his stories of "Rebel"

From the first day of the program Torino Film Festival is very rich. Friday, November 13 proposals will be many films, including such outstanding films Nicholas Ray director to whom the festival is dedicating a retrospective.

La donna del bandito at 17.30 at the Cinema Massimo I bassifondi di San Francisco in the same room but at 20, Dietro lo Nicholas_Rayspecchio, 17.00 to Greenwich, followed by Vittoria Amara, and Ambrosio, 15 is transmitted at the film best known Gioventù bruciata.

It 'an opportunity to discover or rediscover a film that most people associate only Rebel and the myth of James Dean. In fact, already in the previous films, Woman bandit (1947) and the slums of San Francisco (1949), Ray, at a time when few were concerned with youth problems, to stage teenagers forced to confront a reality of violence that often ended up suck. Behind the Mirror (1956) is a melodrama, not without a vein of irony that reveals the flaws and weaknesses that lurk behind the perfect face of the provincial middle class of America in the '50s . Bitter Victory (1957), brings us instead in World War II, showing a platoon of British soldiers struggling with a difficult mission and commanded by two officers became rivals.

The selection of films presented in the first day of Torino Film Festival shows what was Ray's ability in describing the violence in its various aspects and what were the psychological repercussions that receive those who come into contact with it. Characters desperate and forced to live, often against their will, under the motto of the protagonist from the slums of San Francisco: "Live fast, die young and trying to be a good corpse."

On this occasion the editor "Il Castoro" has published two monographs devoted to retrospectives included in the program of TFF, a tribute to Nicholas Ray, the other to the Japanese Nagisa Oshima. (Antonella Mecenero)
Gioventù Bruciata
Rebel Without A Cause
Il Temerario
The Bold
Johnny Guitar
Johnny Guitar
Dietro lo specchio

Behind the mirror

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