The science of cooking. Nathan Myhrvold: from the top of the kitchen Molecular Microsoft

I think the last frontier of kitchen technology was the siphon Ferran Adrià? Review your beliefs. Horizon approximates a revolution even more impressive Surf clams and soup deconstructed brought to the altar by chef of El Bulli. And if everything is behind the hand of Nathan Myhrvold the thing – as well as curious – begins to get interesting. Nathan Myhrvold, he, already the Chief Technology Officer Microsoft, in short one of the brightest minds of the twentieth century has given the art of cooking, or rather the "kitchen science". E Pellegrino Artusi from which we change the word has nothing to do, because we are talking about the future and cucina molecolare, how to turn vegetables into the gel, how to extract alcohol from the petals of roses, cook duck breast with dry ice and things like that.

This news is taken from the pages of science "New York Times" who dedicated the new passion Myhrvold, which will result in a volume of 1500 pages, a large service. The laboratory where the mind of former Microsoft does his experiments is an anonymous capnnone the outskirts of Seattle, here with his staff (took aim for 15 people, including five professional chefs, a photographer, an art director, writers and then editor to create the book) conducts research on equipment and tools to more than the kitchen of a restaurant recall the gadget James Bond made by the legendary Q.

An industrial dryer freeze-dried food for the tail of lobster, a distiller of rose petals, and, in a corner of a machine for ice cream next to a ultrasonic welding. Asked by a journalist use the welder as elettrodomestico kitchen, Myhrvold said, seriously, "we intend to prove it." It is not everything, because using an autoclave for sterilization, Dr. M. has created a powerful pressure cooker. It seems to be excellent for cooking dried meat.

The experiments culminate in a large volume that the intent of Myhrvold is an authoritative reference for cooks who want to try their hand at cucina molecolare.

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