European Film Awards: little chance for the Italians. The eligible candidates

But we Europeans have, for the cinema of our Continent, a kind of Oscar: the European Film Awards. Waiting to see who will win the coveted award, which will be awarded Dec. 12 in Ruhr, Germany, region European Capital of Culture 2010, we can scroll the list of nominations.

Reading the title of the top award nominees, one for Best European Film 2009, it is natural to think that it is in fact false and preconceived idea that the U.S. is, cinematically speaking, the center of mondo. European cinema has always been synonymous with quality, a deeper look at the world and disenchanted by what they can give the big U.S. productions.

statue European films of last season, however, have been able to become not only the critics, but have also hoarded viewers and awards worldwide, without distorting it. We find among the candidates for the deep and beautifully acted The Reader, the blockbuster The Millionaire, which has already brought home with 8 Oscar statuettes from the Americans. Ever candidate for best film are also the winner of festival di Cannes Il nastro bianco, the Swedish horror revelation Lasciami entrare in addition to English Fish Tank and French Un profeta. Really difficult to decide which of these films is the most deserving and such a wealth of film is really worth the joy of movie lovers.

The same will also fought the award for best director. But here, perhaps, Michael Haneke, for his sad and beautiful The White Ribbon has some chance of imposing itself on directors as much experience, but which are not completely successful films this year as Lars von Trier, in competition with the controversial Antichrist and Almodovar, not on top form with Gli abbracci spezzati. And the Italians?

Needless to hide, Italy last season has failed to produce films able to impose itself on the international market as had happened with Gomorra and Il Divo. Our country is a bit 'fallen into the vice of telling stories in a way difficult to understand a foreign audience. This does not mean, however, be missing in our country actors and excellence can prevail even in the world. The Italian film as represented by the nomination of Eurpean Film Awards Vincere by Marco Bellocchio. Filippo Timi is indeed a candidate for best European actor for the role of the son of Benito Mussolini. This recognition is particularly important for an actor engaged in an extremely difficult and perhaps on other occasions, did not get all the recognition he deserved. The film is competing for the prize for artistic contribution given by the assembly, where hopefully a well-deserved victory. Do not forget that the film reveals Pranzo di Ferragosto of Gianni de Gregorio is up for Best Screenplay.

Go instead to Ken Loach, a well-deserved lifetime achievement award. (Antonella Mecenero)

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