Golden Globes, the difficult challenge of Baarìa

Have been disclosed in recent days the nominations for the Golden Globes 2010. The event will be held Jan. 17, is historically considered the hall of Oscar. Many of the films awarded the Golden Globes, in fact, manage to bring home even more of the coveted statuettes. For this reason, the present Baaria film Giuseppe Tornatore in the quintet for the Best Foreign Film is already half successful.

At his side, fighting for the same title, but there are films of great value as Gli abbracci spezzati, Almodovar and Il nastro bianco, after having "received" the Palme d'Or at Cannes last week also took home three Oscars in Europe, three European film awards assigned to the film by Michael Haneke for Best Film and for Best Director and Best Screenplay. So while opponents see this value may cause concern that the Italian film bait defeat the competition, on the other can only bring pleasure to see an Italian film recognized as one of the most important titles of the year. In this case, really, that the saying "many enemies, much honor."

As for the other categories, the comment can only be partial, since many of the films nominated are not yet out in the halls of our country.

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