"The afterlife is a cultural reference", the controversy continues Lavazza Nespresso

The story is interesting, especially since the game's paradise. Summarize: Nespresso (Nestle read), comes on the international market with a new spot pubblicitario that the testimonial protagonist ever, George Clooney, landed early at the gates of paradise and there "negotiate" a return to earth with an intriguing St. Peter played by none other than John Malkovich. The spot is about to arrive in Italy but Lavazza, now 15 years led his coffee in the highest, thanks to the "holy hand 'agency Armando Testa threat of recourse to the jury of advertising for obvious similarities between the two campaigns. And yesterday the news was firm on this.

And 'now the answer Nespresso through an official statement shows every intention of ignoring the grievances of a manufacturer of Italian coffee. Among other things it states "The afterlife is a cultural reference, not tied to a brand in particular, and was used as the setting in countless books, songs, films and advertising campaigns." In short, blame him hard, even if you think about it is equally difficult to think of a coincidence. The spot made by the agency McCann Paris for Nespresso is definitely well done to further his advantage is ascribed a "wonderfully ironic" Malkovich who, without diminishing Italian San Pietro, played in a great spot Lavazza Riccardo Garrone has its charm extra. And the goodness of coffee? A quite marginal. At least, it seems.

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