Here Sanremo Clerici version. Among the attendees: Cassano, Susan Boyle, Rania of Jordan, Tokio Hotel

With the press conference presentation of 60mo Festival della Canzone Italiana contest and the car is officially game. To give beyond the dance, the historic Casino Sanremo (here left the singing competition back in 1951) was the "complete team": Antonella Clerici, what will be the owner of the Ariston Theatre from 16 20 February, with Gianmarco Mazzi (artistic director) and Mauro Mazza (director of Raiuno).

The three announced the latest news and events – those that can at least anticipate – this sixtieth year. First, the Director of Raiuno, which until last year was director of TG2, said he was totally inexperienced in Sanremo and then to have given the professionalism of Gianmarco Mazzi (former Artistic Director of the previous three editions) and had never thought of anything else name for the run if not that of Clerici. "What better way to celebrate but with Antonella?" He apostrophized Mazza.

Clerici, but not too excited by veteran small screen what is said to have sewn the festival on himself "I always thought that to do something like that really, first of all to please those who do."

This dish Sanremo announced yesterday: Tuesday, 16 will go up on stage dell'Ariston Paolo Bonolis with Luca Laurenti (the Sanremo signed by them last year was memorable, and probably unique) and Susan Boyle, the voice that has charmed all the world to Britain's Got Talent, then becoming an international star.

Wednesday will be the turn of attendance instead of the queen Rania di Giordania "we wanted more than for the elegance, the values it represents and leads around the world," Raul Bova and Robbie Wlliams. The same evening, the dancers will perform at the Moulin Rouge (a local historian in Paris celebrates anniversary: its 120 years), among them Antonella Clerici, with his usual irony, will space. "I'm trying to get back into shape to get into those clothes among those Stangoni, now I go running every day," said the smiling Clerici.

Thursday will be the turn of Christian De Sica and Bob Sinclair.

Friday evening will be dedicated to the best songs of the history of Sanremo: the important names of Italian song reinterpretation also for younger people there will be Tokio Hotel. Saturday night, however, for the grand finale, to support the national will Antonella Maurizio Costanzo (expected, of course, for now the official voice in the audience says, the presence of his wife Maria De Filippi). A special will be dedicated to Michal Jackson with the presence of a choreographer who worked on This is it some dancers and actors in the film.

Every day at lunchtime, the Press Ariston, there will be question time, space devoted to questions of journalists, led by Clerici with Costanzo (Raiuno man now in effect). And 'then perhaps a name that takes a lot Clerici, that of Antonio Cassano really think that the talent will not Bari. What will add to the festival we will see, but the presenter has a lot to us. Other names but are still a work in progress. So everything is ready. Or almost.

This list of 16 singers in the race between Big: Arisa, Malika Ayane, Simon Cristicchi, Toto, Nino D'Angelo, Irene Fornaciari feat. Nomads, Irene Grandi, Marco Mengoni, Fabrizio Moro, Morgan, Naomi, Povia, Pupo with Emanuele Filiberto and tenor Luca Canonici, Enrico Ruggeri, Valerio Scanu and Sonora. A parterre groundbreaking for the festival Sanremo many young people and among them many born with the talent show (X Factor and Friends). Sanremo is also adapting to the times. We'll see if it needs or virtue. The new proposals, called "New Generation" are chosen through voting after watching and listening to the songs on the Internet. (Erika Brenna)

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