Impressionism, a new Renaissance. Masterpieces of the Musée d'Orsay in Madrid

A museum needs major renovation, which would have required a significant reduction of the exhibition spaces and a related disbursement of 114 million well. What? Send a few hundred of his "creatures" best on tour, "Lights" international audiences with masterpieces and pockets a lot 'of money, very useful in these times of economic hardship.

The story is well known, concerns the famous Musée d’Orsay Paris, the temple of the Impressionists, now an orphan of some of those masterpieces that make it one of the most visited museums in Europe. Around 140 post-impressionist paintings from the collection of D'Orsay, are currently exposed to Canberra, Australia, where over the coming months will move to tap Japan and the United States. Other pictures for somebody more interesting, those who suffered in the collective recall to Paris in the second half of the 800 and its painters, some days are at Madrid Fondazione Mapfre. Here until April 22 is mounted the exhibition "Impressions, a Nuevo Renacimiento, the first leg of tour that Portet 90 masterpieces of Impressionism to cross the ocean at a time of San Francisco and Nashville.

To welcome visitors to the museum is the Madrid Pifferaio di reggimento, the famous painting Edouard Manet of 1866, by symbol, those that seem immovable from their historic setting. Following the same thread offered by Manet, the artist who was always on the border between realism and impressionism, the exhibition goes to cover the most important decade of the movement, including that between 1870 and 1880, a period when the break with the academic he has not yet been fully consumed. We therefore reviewed the artists who made it "mythical" moment of painting: from Gustave Moreau to Sisley via Renoir Monet Pissarro Degas Cezanne.

The exhibition presents a particular aspect, the Spanish painters of the time or almost completely ignored Impressionism, nor – except for the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza – currently in Spain, there are important public collections with works like that. Yet somehow the link between Impressionists and Spain's, and still sew Eduard Manet during his stay in Madrid, was deeply influenced in 1865 by master of Prado, first of all Velazquez. That must be why the Foundation Mapfre has not hesitated to support the AA shows most expensive in its history. Event, reported the French newspaper Le Monde, it cost 1 million euro for the insurance premium only.

A final note you can visit the exhibition in a virtual, as if through the rooms of the Museum in Madrid. To see cliccare qui.

Degas - The class de danse

Monet - Les barques

Monet - Les Barques

Whistler -  Arrangement en gris et noir numeró 1

Whistler - Arrangement en gris et noir # 1

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3 comments for “Impressionism, a new Renaissance. Masterpieces of the Musée d'Orsay in Madrid”

  • giacomo maffini says:

    complimenti davvero una bella mostra,grazie per averci dato la possibilità di poterla vedere in modo one line.grazie tante GIACOMO.

  • giacomo maffini says:

    complimenti davvero una bella mostra,grazie per averci dato la possibilità di poterla vedere in modo VIRTUALE…almeno tutti quelli che sono impossibilitati di venire a MADRID,ossono comunque ammirare questi capolavori.Ancora grazie della bella iniziativa ,cordialità a voi tutti GIACOMO.

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