McItaly, Italian sandwiches from McDonald's today in Italy and France

Was the number one enemy of typical national products. Restaurants McDonald’s allow all over the world to consume the classic sandwiches. Always equal with the usual sauces, and with better taste. But something is changing for the U.S. multinational. In Rome, in fact, yesterday, to Mc Donald’s di Piazza di Spagna has been presented McItaly. Were presented with only two sandwiches wrapped prodotti italiani. What was so extraordinary that the "blessing" by none other than the Minister Politiche agricole, Luca Zaia. Sandwiches that are now distributed in all the restaurants in the chain. The offer "menu" provides the classic sandwiches filled with 280 grams of a "Swiss" national but of flesh and then the variant formaggi Asiago and Parmigiano Reggiano dop, pancetta della Val Venosta and bresaola della Valtellina igp, apple salad and also those of Italian production . But there's more: the line McItaly does not stop at national borders. Go even further, starting with France. The expo covers 150 tonnes of product. A good start, said the miniMinister.

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