One year with the Italian cinema. All films of 2010

January started the banner of Verdone, and was followed by Virzi Giorgio Diritti ends with Gabriele Muccino and its long-awaited kiss me again, out on Friday 29 and of which we know almost everything. The only question remains in short, the box office. Will this story of forty to match the stratospheric (for Italian cinema) hits of "The Last Kiss", a film which new production is the sequel? Anyway at least the public is assured of the Deaf. The film, in fact, will be released in five copies with subtitles. A pass will be the Apollo Cinema in Milan, the modern Naples, Port Astra Padua, Bari and Little P olitecnico Fandango in Rome.

But do not stop at Muccino as this coming year is characterized by a long succession of Italian release, some of which are not uninteresting.

There is curiosity, for example, see The King of cinepanettoni Christian De Sica, dealing with her first dramatic role in "Il figlio più piccolo" by Pupi Avati last creature out February 19. Also starring Laura Morante and Luca Zingaretti.

On 29 February in the test room to director Federico Zampaglione (Tiromancino) with horror Shadow.

In the weekend of 12, a blockbuster movie being announced Scusa ma ti voglio sposare "by Federico Moccia with Raoul Bova Quattrociocchi and Michela. In those days, three Italians will be at the Berlinale: Luca Guadagnino (I love) Ferzan Ozpetek (Mine stray) and Silvio Soldini (What I want more), in the halls between March and April.

Avati on the set of

Also in spring (April 2) will be in the romantic comedy salt Vanzina signed by the brothers La vita è una cosa meravigliosa with Gigi Proietti, Vincenzo Salemme, Nancy Brilli, Enrico Brignano, Luisa Ranieri, Virginie Marsan, Emanuele Bosi.

In the room Feb. 26, the comedy Giovanni Veronesi Parents – instructions for use "with a supercast to see – among others – Michele Placido, Margherita Buy, Elena Sofia Ricci, Silvio Orlando, Piera Degli Esposti, [ link_16]. E 'already set to 12 instead of March, the release of yet another comedy "The suitcase on the bed, signed by Edward Tartaglia, with Biagio Izzo, Alena Seredova, Maurizio Casagrande, Ernesto Mahieux, Veronica Mazza. That same weekend in the lounge also Ozpetek.

Riccardo Grandi director Nicolas Vaporidis and Sergio Rubini sentimental romantic in the movie "All the love of the world", from March 19 in room with movie contempranea Guadagnino.

On 26 instead Alessandro D’Alatri will be in theaters with "The Sea", a love story starring the two new faces, Dario Castile and Martina Codecasa.

Especially on March 26 returned to the room Oscar Gabriele Salvatores with bitter comedy "Happy Family". A tragicomic crossroads of the fates of two families with Diego Abatantuono Carla Signoris, Margherita Buy, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Fabio De Luigi.

"Some say no 'to Giambattista Avellino Argentero Luca, Paola Cortellesi and Giorgio Albertazzi is out on April 9. Always Argentero will be among the protagonists of "Our life" new work Daniele Luchetti in predicate for a presentation at Cannes, then the output may follow the festival, although anncuinciata for April 23. Starring Raoul Bova, Herself, Luca Zingaretti, Elio Germano, Isabella Ragonese.

April should also bring the release of the directorial debut of Rocco Papaleo with "Basilicata Coast to Coast" musical comedy with Alessandro Gassman and Giovanna Mezzogiorno, and "Venti sigarette of Aureliano Amadei account of his experience as a survivor of the massacre of Nasiriyah.

During the same period should also return to room Mario Martone, with "We thought," Risorgimento fresco with Toni Servillo (Mazzini), Luca Zingaretti, (Francesco Crispi) and Luigi Lo Cascio.

Even titles and dates, May 7 Matrimoni e altri disastri "Nina Di Majo with Fabio Volo, Margherita Buy and Luciana Litizzetto; 21" From the waist then "Gianfrancesco Lazotti Capotondi with Christian and Filippo Nigro. In June, announced the releases of "A Song for You" romantic comedy Herbert Simone Paragnani Emanuele Bosi and Michela Quattrociocchi and the film signed by Stefania Sandrelli Christine/Cristina.

Among others that should land at the cinema for the spring: "Welcome to the south" of Luca Miniero Alessandro Siani and Claudio Bisio and "The cashier with gambling" by Stefano Incerti with Toni Servillo.

The summer will cinecocomero Sharm el Sheikh Ugo Fabrizio Giordani.

By autumn the number of Italian films that could debut in Venice or Rome. Saverio Costanzo with "The Solitude of Prime Numbers", "lI fiore del male Michele Placido; or La bellezza del somaro" by Sergio Castellitto, even Fausto Brizzi with "boys versus girls" and "The woman of my life "Luca Lucini. Again with the fall in the room "Children of the stars" of Lucio Pellegrini and Carlo Mazzacurati with "Passion."

Christian De Sica and Pupi Avati

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