Towards the Shanghai Expo, ten pandas as "testimonial." And Italy is preparing

One hundred days (something), then the international spotlight will illuminate on Shanghai and its universal exposure, global showcase in what is the true economic capital of China.

With 17 million inhabitants, is the most populous city of Paese's most populous and fifth largest city in the world of skyscrapers number (265), a port in 2010 will mobilize 35milioni container (35 million TEUs, to be precise ) and so on, putting on full speed record after record. How to hold the first ever built magnetic levitation train in the world. An arrow that brings you airport 7 minutes, distance of 30 kilometers. "Under the sky, there is total chaos: the situation is excellent," said Mao Tse Tung el'aforisma seems tailored just for photographing the dizzying dynamism of a city completely projected to tomorrow.

And in the near future in Shanghai is precisely l’expò universale, scheduled from May 1 to October 31. 70milioni The predictions are for visitors and some 200 countries and international organizations invited, called to compete in 184 days on theme "Enhancing the city, improving life." Great challenge, considering that today 55 percent of the world population lives in cities. But just to be clear, although the organization has announced to close the festival will be a gesture of cooperation among peoples contained in the document already baptized as the "Shanghai Declaration" (hailed as a milestone in the history of 'Esposizione universale ), it should just make an effort of optimism to believe that with good intentions (assuming they are truly such) is to pave those cities on a human scale that everyone dreams.

Meanwhile you try to make Shanghai a city to measure panda. Conscripted as a testimonial of the World Expo Shanghai 2010, just recently landed a charter flight to the international airport, ten pandas in the province of arrival Sichuan. The four males and six females were born after the devastating earthquake that struck his native province in May 2008. Do not miss the concerns for their acclimatization and the quality of bamboo eaten in Shanghai Zoo, where they stay for six months in an area specifically to be transferred, then the Shanghai Wildlife Park. But this is only a detail of that colossal tournament of millions and millions of details represented global event that has mobilized an army of architects, sculptors, artists, and of course business. It resurfaced, meanwhile, let's jump into Italy to see what is brewing in the "pot" of what will be the Padiglione tricolore

It 'was presented in recent weeks that the concept will lead the Italian expedition in the Far East, the expo which will leave a witness to Milano 2015. Italy as a symbol of the "good life". "Room of wonders" enclosed in the title "The City of Man – the art of living Italian style" here comes a film set designer, Giancarlo Basili to coordinate the preparation and the collaboration of Triennale di Milano. A fusion of advanced technology and design, a synthesis of skill and craftsmanship, including the culture of food and territory, art and science, history and future. This is the thread that tries to tell 3 thousand square meters in Italy in the world. And he will showcase the excellence that all can be proud of. "Our Pavilion – said Beniamino Quintieri, Italian Commissioner Expo – will be a small-scale model of the most important and distinctive features of our way to the city, proposed interpretative key contemporary" The Pavilion will be a real Italian city in miniature, a symbolic city. To welcome visitors – in addition to a series of events and shows in the pipeline – will be a reconstruction of the front of the stage teatro Olimpico di Vicenza by Andrea Palladio. In environments in which next will be hosted objects and works universally recognizable as "Italian" as the cathedral of Brunelleschi, a Ferrari or tuta Dainese. Besides the showcase of excellence surrounded by a series of LED-wall vertical recessed into the walls that show looped moving images of Italian landscapes.

We just have to wait and see.

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