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Full menu at the cinema. The outputs are harbingers of spring dreams romantic thriller, award-winning dramas and domestic films, like "I love" by Luca Guadagnino, after having traveled quite a bit 'festival (leggi articolo) finally arrives in the room. Written by Barbara Alberti starring Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, the film explores the story of an upper class family of Lombardy.

A sentimental romantic comedy filmed on the streets of Europe, "Tutto l’amore del mondo" Great to actor Richard cult adolescents, Nicolas Vaporidis (who co-produced the film with Medusa). The cast: Sergio Rubini, Ana Caterina Morariu, Alexander Roja, Myriam Catania, Enrico Montesano, Leslie Csuth, Sara Tommasi.

A Meryl Streep for which the awards are never enough, accompanied by gentlemen actors like Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin comedy by Nancy Meyers E’ complicato Jane is a contented mother with three children now adults, successfully operated a restaurant and keep a great friendship with her former husband, Jake. But everything is complicated when the two find themselves out of town for the graduation of one of their children.

Acclaimed in Cannes, Oscar nominee for best foreign film, has dug out to Cesar: "Il profeta of Jaques Audiard arrives in Italy. It 's the story of a young migrant, Malik And Djebena, sentenced to six years in prison. Upon his arrival in prison appears to be the most fragile of prisoners, ending the game in a group of courses in the institution of imprisonment that his law. Malik manages to conqustarsi confidence of the group and quickly develops a network of interests.

A thriller that promises the right twists, "Fuori controllo by Martin Campbell starring Mel Gibson in the shoes of a veteran homicide detective in Boston. When his only daughter, Emma (Bojana Novakovic) is murdered in the doorway home, everyone believes that the real target was him. But suspicions soon emerge, and when the detective begins to investigate the double life of his daughter, that's the odyssey begins.

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