MiArt 2010, festival of art and business

Art for sale, in Milan. Masters and emerging names of past, present and future of today, stars and stars on the rise at sunset, from tomorrow to Monday, all in one place for the fifteenth edition of MiArt you want to Benedict by the chrism of "quality".

Assures Enrico Pazzali CEO Fiera Milano SpA, and in fact among the 141 galleries exhibiting (from abroad) and there are 866 artists on resonant names. There is the story of the 900 signatures De Pisis, Picasso, Fontana, de Chirico, Severini, Manzoni, Campigli; the 2000 with Damien Hirst and Jan Fabre just to mention two names, and the history of the decades are already listed with young people such as Cuoghi, Puppi, Hempel, Welz, Favelli. All for a multitude of genres that seems to want to overlook anything.

Four days to reaffirm the key role that the art market that the city has year-round. If it is taking place in Milan for 80 percent of trading in the Italian context of contemporary art, it must be said that the only fair MiArt l 'last year has contributed to a figure of over 8 million. Not bad but you can do better, and if we run away more than a few "good sale", that's it. Experts play on "expectations" as those by Lucio Fontana in 1964 "Spatial Concept – Expectations." The work on a blue background with its half million euros is the picture at the top of this 15th edition of MiArt, proposing the Imago Gallery di Londra. Farsettiarte replies with an oil on paper of Balla, "Vortex", identified million and 200 thousand euros. In Galleria Tega di Milano with 850 thousand euros can take home instead of an oil Alberto Burri 1952, "White" by the measures (83 for 56.) E 'inthe large canvas dated 2002 instead of 8 feet to 1.90 Croci nel silenzio della tempesta "created by Jan Fabre on silk with ink ballpoint pen. The offers to 200 thousand euros Galleria Massimo Minini. Same price for the statuette of a woman Mmmo Paladino (untitled 1999), led by the fair Galleria Cardi di Milano. These works should therefore be in the top five of the evaluations, but the artists from "tenere d’occhio" are numerous.

Among the productions of Fieramilanocity if they see the beautiful, but the four days, while an exhibition is a way to talk about contemporary art, addressing not only the world of potential buyers. Initiatives out there living, like the night of the art gallery belonging to StartMilano, which will extend Saturday opening until 22 or, in Zona Tortona (Con)temporary art and even exhibitions and installations sponsored by the City of Pac Milan, the Royal Palace and then conferences, panel rotode, meetings (whole program cliccando qui). Milan art for sale, Milan art festival.

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