Mina's birthday and Lopez will sing a song in his next album

Jennifer Lopez sing Mina. Today the singer Cremonese, undisputed queen of Italian pop music, celebrates seventy years. But his voice, no age, continues to fascinate the world. A charm which was incorporated, among others, by Liza Minnelli, Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand they sent a congratulatory message. The states Cristiano Malgioglio who for years has worked with her and who wrote a song, "L’amore trasparente, paired with Aldo Busi. Short like mine at all and has added some indiscretion Margioglio agency Adnkronos issued. According to Sicilian songwriter who is a real fan of Mina Quincy Jones, one of the largest producers in the world would say that Michael Jackson Italian singer's voice was one of the best ever heard.

And there are many who think the same way and the proof comes from Jennifer Lopez, met in San Remo from Margioglio, which would report the same thing. The news is therefore linked to Lopez that he would receive the score of "Carne Viva" – is one of the pieces included in the album Easy last year – and probably will put the song on her next album. The source is credible as Christian Margioglio says he delivered the song directly into the hands of Lopez.

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