Easter in Europe: the most beautiful exhibitions of the spring 2010

Among the preferred destinations for the weekend of Easter are some European cities, close enough to give the tourists the time to spend some time in a museum, perhaps to admire one of the many mostre that the most prestigious art sites offer this spring. What follows is a brief guide which are concentrated among the different exhibitions more interesting.


Essen,  capitale europea della cultura 2010 until July 25 proposing the exhibition "The most beautiful museum in the world" which reconstructs for the first time, the collection's original Folkwang Museum. Founded in 1902 by Karl Ernst Osthaus, was the first museum of contemporary art in Europe. "The most beautiful museum in the world," so Paul J. Sachs, American art historian and co-founder of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, described it in 1932.

Leipzig"300 years of coffee culture in Saxony" is the title of the exhibition at the Museum Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum; a journey through the beautiful local porcelain and more.

Berlin – 's Ethnologisches Museum offers interesting espisitizioni aficana dedicated to art, in addition to the exhibition "American Archaeology", a journey into the great diversity of pre-Hispanic cultures in Meso-, Central and South America from 2000 BC to the first half of 16th century.

Berlin – (Helmut Newton Stiftung). With SUMO, the Helmut Newton Foundation presents the most spectacular and expensive project of photographic book ever made. Ten years ago, the publisher Benedikt Taschen was persuaded to agree to produce a giant book on the work of Newton, with a print run of 10,000 copies, all signed by the photographer.

Berlin – At Nationalgalerie "Picasso and His Times," an exploration of the works of Picasso, Klee, Matisse and Giacometti.

A stroll on CAPITAL

Copenhagen – Al Nationalmuseet, and in the exhibition "Egyptian Amulets," a miniature world of great magic power. For the ancient Egyptian amulets were indeed serious.

Line"Secrets of toys" to Castello of the Latvian capital. This exhibition is for children and adults offering a voyage of discovery of forgotten games. Latvia, in fact, until the '30s toys exported to the West.

Lisbon – Al Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, "A perspective on things – the nature of death in Europe: 71 paintings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries represent the nucleus of this exhibition permentenente (later centuries will be exhibited in 2011) that explores the themes of painting gender in 400 years. On display are works of Juan Sanchez Cotán, Juan van der Hamen, Pieter Claesz, Juan Zurbarán, Rembrandt van Rijn, Antonio de Pereda, Largillierre Nicolas Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Luis Meléndez and Francisco de Goya.

Amsterdam – The Rijksmuseum in recent years has brought together the most important pieces of his collection in a unique setting, "Masterpieces", this spring proposed an exposure of paintings of the seventeenth century and VXIII devoted to tulips and an exhibition of sixteenth-century painter Pieter Aertsen.


Al Musée d’Orsay, "Crime and Punishment, from Goya to Picasso" exhibition that runs through two hundred years (from 1791, when France was requested for the first time the abolition of the death penalty, 30 September 1981, when was abolished) telling how the issue has entered the criminal in the visual arts. On display – among others – works by Goya, Géricault, Picasso and Magritte.

Among the proposals of centro Pompidou. "Erro – 50 years of collage," shows that has a numerically significant but little known aspect of the Icelandic artist's work.

Another exhibition is dedicated to Lucian Freud. In 88 years, Freud is among the world's most important living artists, the Centre Pompidou presents a broad overview of his masterpieces.

Petit Palais – Yves Saint Laurent, a retrospective "(leggi articolo)


Madrid – At Prado "The Art of Power. Weapons, armor and paintings of the court of Spain. " The exhibition includes a selection of extraordinary objects on loan from the Royal Armoury of Madrid, displayed next to an important group of paintings shows how great painters from the Renaissance also emphasized weapons and armor when they represented the power of the Spanish monarchy.

Also in the Prado, do not miss the exhibition by Richard Hamilton on Las Meninas (leggi articolo)

BarcelonaIl Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunyat celebrates 75th foundation by bringing together 75 masterpieces of Catalan art from private collections. Or share a journey through the history of Catalan art from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, through works of great artistic quality of the Romanesque to Gothic, from Renaissance to Baroque coming up to the first three decades of the twentieth century.

MadridMuseo Thyssen Monet e l’astrazione "is the exhibition aims to explore the role but still little studied in this great impressionist painter in the development of abstract painting.


BerneZentrum Paul Klee, new selections from the work of the great Swiss artist. A path and a biographical conologico to discover the unknown facets of the work of Klee.

ZurichKunsthaus Zürich, and in exhibitions Exhibitions including 150 paintings and sculptures of the Collezione Bührle, the most famous art collections in the world with many Impressionist masterpieces.


British Museum – Until July 25 the "Beato Angelico Leonardo: Italian Renaissance Drawings." More than 100 masterpieces in the exhibition of the greatest masters of the Italian Renaissance.

Saatchi Gallery – "The Empire Strikes Back" until May 7, exhibited works by 26 Indian artists both emerging and established.

Tate Britain – Until Aug. 15, the largest retrospective of Henry Moore through to the largest selection of works never before shown together.

British Museum – Until June 6 "Kingdom of Ife: sculptures from West Africa" (leggi articolo)

Royal Academy of Arts – Until April 18 "The Real the real Van Gogh – The Artist and his letters" (leggi articolo)

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