Auction: Antiquities record Dorotheum

Ancient Art ever so dear in this 2010 as the last auction Dorotheum (April 21) in Vienna.

A Frans Francken II He's won the prize for most expensive antique painting of 2010: 7 million. From a private collection in Berlin took the picture the way to London, after an award considered sensational for the largest auction house of the German. The work of Frans Francken opulent scene depicting heaven and hell "L’uomo che deve decidere tra virtù e vizio. As anticipated, this is the best ever achieved this year at international level for an antique painting and world record for the artist. Furthermore, the highest auction price ever reached for a painting in Austria, as well as the best award obtained in the whole area German and Italian. Dorotheum has therefore opened the spring season with a record. The auction of paintings of the nineteenth century, which proposed a number of works by artists including Waldmüller FG, I. Aivazovsky and F. Zonar, reached the highest turnover for the auction house in this area. The auction of paintings of the ancient past week has seen more hits than the top lot of success: the work of rediscovery Guercino Rinaldo e Armida, believed lost, was the star of the Italian proposals with an award of 1 million, plus Giuseppe Bernerdino Bison (329mila euros for a view of Piazza San Marco), Guido Cagnacci (his Drunkenness of Noah. 306 000 euros) and Lavinia Fontana (306 thousand euros for the Ritratto di cinque donne con cane e pappagallo) that have quadrupled expectations. In this perspective seems even 237mila few euros spent by someone for an oil painting by Rubens (the statue of Ceres in a niche). And all for the umpteenth confirmation that in a moment of disorientation, the ancient art market gallops in safety.

The painting by Frans Francken II sold 7milioni euros

Guercino from one million euros

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