Milan continues to show "Stanley Kubrick's Photographer – The years of Look"

Continued success in Milan, the exhibition of photographs of American Stanley Kubrick. Shows that for the first time in the world, explores a hitherto little known aspect of his career.

"I always thought that ambiguity credible, very realistic, is the best form of expression." The love of paradox, the oxymoron, the ambiguity is one of the figures the work of one of the greatest directors of the '900. 
 While there are many fans of his films, few knew until today that in the immediate postwar years, Kubrick was also a great photographer. 
 From 1945 to 1950 he worked for the magazine "Look", a publication widely published in New York that was designed in the years immediately following the Seconda Guerra Mondiale, to document the social life of America. 
 A Rainer Crone, curator of this exhibition and a great scholar of contemporary art, you must discover and study a set of well-12 000 images from this magazine, that no had never had occasion to analyze the critical or historical perspective. Stanley Kubrick inherited, still a minor, his passion forphotography by his father.

The first picture is published 26 June 1945 depicting a newsagent and heartbroken over the death of Roosevelt, an image that captivates the editors of the magazine so much to offer the young Kubrick the opportunity to join the staff as a photojournalist. For the people put they were the most natural, Kubrick put in place a series of tricks to go unnoticed. One of these was to hide the cable camera under his coat sleeve and the bolt action with a switch hidden in the palm of your hand. Most of the aesthetic that is reflected in his films was already expressed in his work of recent years. Using special techniques and points of view and keeping a certain distance can leak the psychological portraits of the subjects, allowing the viewer of the photos to build a personal interpretation of their character.

The exhibition (of which Daringtodo was employed in March ed) up to July 4, a Palazzo della Ragione Milan has three hundred works and is divided into two paths exhibit mirror. "Icons", which are displayed images of Kubrick objective symbol times. Like Portugal, which tells the journey of two American land Lusitanian after the war, or crimes, testifying to the arrest of two criminals by following the movements of police, their strategies, their cunning, until the seals catch. Betsy Furstenberg, protagonist of the section dedicated to her and to represent it as a symbol of the vibrant New York of those years, will be counterbalanced by the vicissitudes of small shoe shine, that the shoe were on the street corners of New York. Two sections are devoted to the life that took place within Columbia University, a place where America formed the elite ruling class of the future, and inside of the Campus Mooseheart Illinois, a university residence built by benefactors to educate children orphaned by war. The second part of the route shows images dedicated to Montgomery Clift or those boxer Rocky Graziano, telling the public and private moments of a hero Modern, or the epic of the musicians of New Orleans Dixieland. (Nicole Montanari)

Untitled - 1950

story of a shoeshine - 1947

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