La TV segnalata da Daring To Do, a cura di Erika Brenna

Do not miss on TV (September 17 to 23)

SFIDE ROBERTO SAVIANO – FRIDAY 17 RAITRE 23:10 PM An original episode of challenges starring Roberto Saviano escorted the writer forced to live, remember the extraordinary adventure of Juvecaserta, the basketball team that won the championship in 1991 against Olimpia Milano

C’E’ POSTA PER TE NUOVA EDIZIONE – Saturday, September 18 Canale5 21.10 Return the tear-jerking stories signed Maria De Filippi: Gabriel Garko special guests, returning from the resounding success with sin and shame, and David Beckham, the footballer, man image and husband of Victoria popspice: Let's see what will come up for their queen plays of Mediaset.

LO SPAZIO BIANCO – Sunday, September 19 SKYCINEMA1 21 HOURS Margherita Buy is the protagonist of the film that tells the story of Francesca Comencini pending full of concern of a mother who gave birth to forty a premature baby who is struggling between life and death.

MAMMA MIA! – MONDAY September 20 Canale5 21.10 Musical missed with an amazing Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. Based on the songs of Abba, in Greek island developing love stories, plots and unfold the mysteries by reading the diary of his mother from a daughter about to marry. Maybe a little 'too soon …

THE EVENT – Tuesday, September 21 MEDIASET JOY PREMIUM AT 21 For the first time a pay channel Mediaset's digital terrestrial broadcasts in conjunction with the United States with audio in the original language and subtitled this set thriller described as a "conspiratorial." The event is centered on the adventures of Sean Walker, a guy who, investigating the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend Leila, ends up unwittingly revealing the biggest coverup in the history of the United States.

VALENTINO L’ULTIMO IMPERATORE – MEDIASET CINEMA EMOTION WEDNESDAY September 22 21:10 PM The young director (Vanity Fair journalist) Matt Tymauer creates a beautiful film documentary on the life of the King of Fashion Valentino Garavani: followed him everywhere, showed at its most intimate and even the most awkward of the designer. Very touching and unusual portrait done by fellow working and living Giammario Giammetti.

UN ALIBI PERFETTO – September 23 SKYCINEMA1 THURSDAY AT 21 Michael Douglas in a first for Sky TV: to expose a prosecutor who makes false evidence is a journalist accused of murder. The court, however, does not believe the hoax: Who will win the day in this thriller?

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