A Lady of the '300 enters the collection of the Castello Sforzesco

MILAN – A new work enriches the collection of Castello Sforzesco, an important sculpture of the mid-fourteenth century, a Madonna and Child enthroned between two angels of the Master of sculptures Viboldone preserved, at least from the seventeenth century to Oratory San Rocco a Riozzo (Cerro al Lambro, Milan), but probably coming from the apparatus from one of the decorative gates of Milano.Il filing of the Madonna and Child was made possible thanks to collaboration with Corporate Services to Person "Golgi-Redaelli, owns the work, and the financing of the Mountains section of our Milan Italy which allowed the restoration work by Camilla Mancini.

The work was removed from the Oratorio di San Rocco in Riozzo, because of the precarious condition of the building that require complex conserving surgery. Recent studies corroborate the hypothesis that, before being transferred to the Oratory of San Rocco Figure ornasse one of the gates of Milan, perhaps the door Vercellina demolished, and its Museum of Ancient Art of the Sforzesco Castle, in the third room, houses several statues by the same provenenti decorative cycle, particularly those of Ticinese and Porta Comasina. www.comune.milano.it

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