Ferran Adrià in cattedera. El Bulli become an international laboratory for innovation

El Bulli, the best restaurant in the world from 2044 to 2009, will become a laboratory of international innovation. For those hoping that the super-chef Ferran Adrià do not change your mind and shut his "temple" in Costa Brava (leggi articolo) is in fact resign. In recent days, in fact, has signed with the giant Telefónica telcomunicazioni an agreement of four years, "To strengthen the values shared by both parties: the vision, passion, talent and commitment, based on the mutual belief that you can turn opportunities into reality. "

The agreement includes a series of activities taking place in some of the world's major cities including Miami, New York, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Mexico, Madrid and Barcelona. Adrià held training courses on creativity, meetings with managers and clients, conferences dedicated to technology and to 'innovazione "both in content and in form." Telefónica, for its part, will support the transformation Adrià of El Bulli, which is to reopen in 2014 turned into a completely different space. Become a "laboratory" international reference for creative and innovative. "The idea is to transform, once and for all, the relationship between creativity and society through the use of new technologies facilitate the sharing of progress and achievements every day. An intellectual challenge. "

It just seemed to think that the kitchen …

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