Frankfurt Book Fair: a publisher called Google and the rise of e-book

A confirmation yesterday, the preview of Fiera del libro di Francoforte, the most important international exhibition industry, advanced e-book with irreversible implications and consequences.

An announcement, expected in reality, have come from Google about a year late with the Web giant announced that by the end of the year in the United States will reach the "Google Publisher", in Europe the launch will be postponed to early 2011. There are no specific dates but the proposal is more than a year ago, digitize and distribute books online: 400 thousand titles to be exact (one year ago it had been announced half a million) distributed in an "open system" which enables the download on any screen (mobile phones, tablets, computers, electronic books and even television). This is only one of the strengths of Google Editions, the other would be the possibility of the search engine to control the dreaded piracy better than others, and at least limit it.

In short, Frankfurt is clearly perceived as the digital revolution is eroding the traditional publishing field. Of the 7,533 individual exhibitors this year went to the Fair coming from 111 countries (324 sono gli editori italiani), just over one quarter (almost 1900) have in digital products catalog. The issues related to digital will also be the stars of a long series of conferences, debates and events accompanying the exhibition, it is estimated

that until the end of the exhibition will present an average of seven new models of e-book readers for a day.

In all this missing a handful of days for the loan online Edigita, the Italian digital platform dedicated exclusively to the distribution of e-book. The digital catalog, available since October 18, will start with 1,500 titles by Christmas will go to 2,000, selected from over 40 publishers participating in the project wanted by Feltrinelli, Messaggerie Italian, Gems and RCS Libri. S'attendono but also the 1200 electronic titles promised by Mondadori in autumn (400 and 800 new best-sellers in recent years).

Well, that is warm and evolving. It will come back to talk.

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