Fragments of literary revenge Marilyn Monroe

When a Norman Mailer asked to comment on the suicide of Marilyn Monroe, the writer of the Beat Generation was illuminating: "To survive, should have been more cynicalhe saidor at least be closer to reality. Instead it was a street poet trying to recite his poems to a crowd that had torn clothes. "

How much poetry was capable Marilyn is a fact not recorded in writing of his biography, in melancholy veil that covers her eyes, knowing that the funny and the most beautiful girls were torn from the pain. But it was also able to express themselves in writing with striking poetic expressions, this is yet to be discovered. Or rather, what is the world accingerà Fragments found in reading, collecting autographs in simultaneous worldwide release Wednesday, October 6. Collection published in Italy by Feltrinelli. For months, now that the book captures the attention of the media, it is covered by a curtain of silence just scratched by the publishers. As the Frenchman Bernard Comment, the editor of the diaries, which in recent months, in revealing to Le Figaro (leggi articolo) some minimal advance, about a woman capable of poetic visions. "There is a certain melancholy in the tone of the book – he said – and that is beautiful in certain notes is the way in which ideas are associated, even if they are scattered on the page."

The preface has been entrusted to all editions, the novelist Antonio Tabucchi, confirming: "Within this body has experienced the soul of a poet and intellectual who no one suspected."

Actually writing to Marilyn is a practice that goes back almost compulsive since adolescence. She writes when she is sad and alone, writes in his rare moments of happiness. Record your thoughts, they become eternal, speaking of his loneliness and his desire, writing about death, suicide and neglect of notes, recipes, letters to doctors, the COAS of notebooks, loose-leaf or invoices reused. And the poetry is there, almost always, to tell us that after 48 years since that night of August 5, Marilyn manages to tell her. After the many biographies never completely true, never completely false: after countless descrizioni, the racconti, the testimonianze of those with or without licenses to do so has variously drawn from the myth.

Marilyn is here that stands up and tells us, 48 years after the death of a woman forever in search of an identity and put their backs to the wall by a system that does not ask it to have no thoughts or personality, it begs to be dumb and blonde Hollywood because of his intellectual impulses do not know what to do with it. And so the avid reader and compulsive diarist remain on the sidelines for almost half a century, in the dusty boxes that his teacher at the Actors Studio, Lee Strasberg inherits the aftermath of the tragic death. For nearly forty years, those cases were closed, until Anna Strasberg, widow of Lee, has decided to publish the manuscript and handed the French by Bernard Comment publisher that brings together and arranges for diaries, poems, letters ( reproduced in facsimile in the book) and personal photos (some thirty in all) found that aspects of the totally new star.

There is the memory of a terrified little girl before killing his dog Tipp, who is twenty years old tells how he discovered a cheating husband (the first) James Dougherty, and there are poems dedicated to her third husband, playwright Arthur Miller, now indifferent to his love and we are his last days: the pills and the long nights of maddening insomnia, there is her depression, self-destructive impulses, but also the love for literature and poetry "… the age of 26 he discovered James Joyce, performing songs from leggandario Molly's monologue.Le Figaro pointed Bernard CommentHe also admired Samuel Beckett, [...] More surprising still, his fascination with the bard, Walt Whitman, the founder of modern American poetry. "

He assured the editor, these texts may give rise to interpretations and comments, "but there is nothing dirty in them, or low class, no gossip, no intimacy without showing off." So out of respect, we want to conclude by recalling the most glamorous Marilyn, the one that appeals with the nickname of "misfit" (translated literally: geek), her lovers – John Kennedy included – one that has managed, albeit for short durations, even be happy, or as she said, "but never happy some of you might be."

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