Rome Film Festival, towards the end

Although this fifth edition of the Festival di Roma goes off to the final, the day after the verdicts, while last night the award given to the plaintiff Julianne Moore, charming in his fifties, came to Rome to present The Kids Are All Right, directed by Lisa Cholodenko with Annette Bening. "The boys are doing well," a meditation on what it means to be a family. That's Jules and Nic at the end is a pretty normal family and after a while 'you watch the film you forget that the couple has two women, "ha spiegato actress.

Today ultimo film italiano race in peril Marcus Aurelius, I am with you by Guido Chiesa. Among the guests of the day Theary Seng, the Cambodian lawyer who in the late seventies, still a child, his family suffered the violence of the Khmer Rouge. The Seng, American by adoption, will attend the screening of the documentary filmmakers David and Staffan Lindberg Aronowitsch Facing Genocide: Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot, competing in the L'Altro Cinema | Extra. In the film Aronowitsch and Lindberg, the lawyer appears as an antagonist of Khieu Samphan, the main character of the story, at the time head of state under the Pol Pot regime, which still professes nostalgia.


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Emma Bonino and Fariborz Kamkari

Naseh Kamkari, Mohammed Bakri, Darbast Dara, Morjana Alaoui, Fariborz Kamkari, Mohammed Zouaoui, Ertem Eser and Ashraf Hamdi, cast

James Hagan, Nicola Bartlett, Melanie Munt, Yu Hsiu Chen Camille, Nina Deasley, Jason Thomas

Christian Molina, Valeria Marini and Ben Temple (I Want To Be A Soldier)

Julianne Moore

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