Artissima 17, trespassing at the Lingotto

The timing of Artissima 17, whose title is borrowed from the collection of poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini: Poetry in the form of pink, revolves around the theme of "trespassing". Through the involvement of artists who express themselves in other disciplines, Artissima aims to investigate the conditions that may encourage a more widespread integration of the arts.

The first big news this year is the spectacular new home: the Oval, a pavilion built by the original architectural style at the Olympic Winter Games of Turin 2006. The tunnels that will create Artissima, scheduled at the Lingotto Fiere November 5 to 7 – will 153 from Europe, the United States and Asia have been chosen from the names of most interest the international art market. The event will be divided into several sections: Main Section, with more than 98 tunnels between Italian and foreign, New Entries, reserved for the most interesting young galleries present for the first time in Artissima, Present Future, with 15 young artists presented in a special exhibition space within the Fair.

Francesco Manacorda, new artistic director of Artissima @ max_tomasinelli

But the biggest news is the 2010 Back to the Future, unpublished section consists of a series of monographic exhibitions of artists active in the sixties and seventies whose work is particularly significant today.

House of contamination will be the architectural design created ad hoc in the Oval. The collective Berlin raumlaborberlin will create a place that will serve as a spatial framework and the many cultural ideal of the event. In the vast spaces of the Oval will be made a full-scale prototype of a cultural center that promotes mutual contamination between the arts: the structure will include space for each of the different artistic fields suspects: dance, film, literature, design, training. "Project in the project, "House of the contamination is designed as a model for a future museum and cultural center. Among the sections in the program there will be: "All the rest is literature, a literary salon edited by Vincenzo Latronico" The Dancers "dance program curated by Anthony Huberman, and with the participation of famous choreographers such as experimental Ei Arakawa and Amy Granat, "Thinking Through Cinema [Deep Red], a series of reinterpretations of the same cult movie edited by Benjamin Cook and Mike Sperlinger," Urban Genome Project, interviews with prominent figures of the big cities about their role in urban design and cultural "Typography, a typeface design and exhibition Dexter Sinister that infiltrates throughout the Fair," Pickpocket Almanack "imaginary university and organized by itinerant Joe del Pesco and Dominic Willsdon, with artists, curators and critics called to create a series of training courses and assumptions.

Birgit Jürgenssen Nest 1979 (section Back to the Future)

Also in the space of the Oval, Artissima 17 will host "Picnic for the Mind," lecture-seminars with three literary writers, designers, artists and historians, and "Hypnotic Show", an exhibition only visible in the public mind, formed by the merger between artistic practices and hypnosis. Also new is the 2010 "Show By Show", a true museum with an exhibition designed to give visitors a fascinating preview of exhibitions on contemporary art in Turin and Piedmont. In a sign of continuity rather stands out "Play the writer, now in its sixth edition, dedicated to all visitors Artissima. Critics, journalists and art experts will be exceptional guides for visits to explore the exhibition and contemporary art. The only event outside of the spaces will take place at the Oval Palace Birago, the prestigious Chamber of Commerce of Turin: Design Artissima propose "Visualising Transformation", a selection of original signed works by some of the more prominent names in international context of research design.

Finally, also among the new features of Artissima 17, the catalog a handy address book containing information and references of the galleries will be accompanied by a catalog to be built entirely at the Fair: "do-it-yourself", to fill a binder with tabs and material information provided by galleries and curators events. Each visitor will have its own catalog, so tailored to your preferences and interests. (Nicole Montanari)

Free information and reservations are made in the same day of the Fair from 12 am at the Info point For more information, visit

Gianfranco Baruchello Déserteur de la Légion 1974 (Section Back to the Future)

Andreas Bunte Architektur des Unsichtbaren 2009 (section presents future)

Tomás Alonso (Artissima design) photo courtesy of

House of contamination - collective Raumlaborberlin: courtesy raumlabor,

-Lili Reynaud-Dewar-Cleda

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