'The island that there is "Giampaolo Talani in Rome

ROME – Giampaolo Talani leads to Rome his "Island that there is"

From Saturday, November 27 to Friday, December 10 paintings and sculptures from the Tuscan master will be exhibited at the gallery Kalòs Olgiata.

The exhibition takes the name of the poetic and extraordinary public display last summer in Pietrasanta, where for two months in Piazza Duomo, Campanile side, an attentive and enthusiastic shared the emotion caused by this space specially decorated for the occasion where he camped unpublished bronzes and paintings of rare beauty to illustrate the poetic world of the artist sanvincenzino.

Talani is the most contemporary artist who has the ability to think about his work in places of great impact, just think of the fresco of 80 square meters, Departures embellishing the access tunnel to the train station Santa Maria Novella in Florence and The great bronze sailor created for the new marina in San Vincenzo (LI).

Not only that Talani is the artist who conceived and carried umbrellas of freedom in Piazza della Signoria in Florence and Berlino, per le celebrazioni della caduta del muro is the artist whose portrait will be acquired soon by the Uffizi Gallery and is the multifaceted author of the recently seguitissima program, aired last December on BBC1, "the island that there is" also takes its title from which this new show.

For admirers of the master, the event will be particularly interesting to the gallery Kalòs, during the inauguration RAI journalist Francesco Festuccia fact present his recent book "In the face of the lifeguard," developed in the form of a monograph about the interview during which Talani Festuccia and talk freely about the character Talani and on many other aspects of the contemporary art world. Info: 06 3088 9925

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