Poli Paul opens the season at the Theatre de Versilia

Viareggio – A season full of "intelligent entertainment." It opens Wednesday, November 10 (beginning at 21.15. Presale ticket the day before the show or www.puccinifestival.it) the long and varied season of Viareggio and Politeama de I Teatri della Versilia "- City of Pietrasanta and the Grand Ducal Stables Seravezza – leading in complex scenes, from November to April, and 22 shows the most extraordinary theatrical performers on the national scene.

To raise the curtain on the season Politeama Viareggio Paolo Poli two times drawn from the stories of Anna Maria Ortese. He was also directing. On stage, alongside actor Tuscan Marco Bassi, Fabrizio Casagrande, Alberto Gamberini, Giovanni Siniscalco.

A theater personal to Paul Poli, who brings to the stage of the stories written in the Neapolitan writer long period of time ranging from thirties to seventies, alongside the production of great novels, surprisingly reflect the complex personality of the author. Stories almost no history that paint a tragic reality as through a dream. They have often been compared to Dante's fantastic journey in the afterlife. For a re-reading today seem rather to recall the tenderness of the theatrical film lightness of Ariosto or Tasso. The events are recounted as seen through the poignant reminder: the unhappy childhood, but bright, insecure adolescents, but overflowing love touched, but never possessed. Feelings that remind the spiteful refusal to Kafka and Joyce's sudden illuminations.

Figures and figurines of the "Italy at" arrancante in history where the songs do the lion's share.

The scenes of the great twentieth-century painting emphasize the Luzzati. The fanciful costumes of Cali surprise once again. The music of Perrotin persuade boldly.

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