Fear of love, the new TV series from a story by Mary RaiUno Venturi

The ingredients all seem to be to put together a successful television: the eternal tale of a young prince and an unhappy Cinderella, adapted from a story by a master of the genre, Maria Venturi, beautiful faces, a frame engaging a itreccio that gives the players an uphill climb and a difficult one in view of a longed-for happy ending. We speak of love Fear of the new TV series signed Vincenzo Terracciano that in six episodes, starting Sunday, November 28, will accompany the prime of RaiUno. The cast Lupano George, Erica White, Barbara Livi, Ida Di Benedetto, Benjamin Sadler, Marta Bifano, Alberto Molinari, Rosabella Laurenti Sellers, Mark Falaguasta, Ivana Lotito, Clotilde Sabatino.

The synopsis: Stefano Loi has everything: a beautiful wife, two beautiful children and is the president of a pharmaceutical empire. But in a moment the fate decides to turn his back …

One night his wife died tragically in a car accident. Life "perfect" by Stefano suddenly disappears and his relationship with his children, even small crumbles. The man gradually detaches itself from everything that was most dear to him, nothing seems to make more sense …

As long as his life comes to break into Asia, a girl much younger than him, an orphan of humble origins and light years away from the luxury and habits of high society in which Stephen has grown. Yet their lives intersect … and Asia, from simple baby-sitting his children, slowly make inroads into lonely heart of Stephen, now apparently destined for ever to escape from feelings and emotions. Asia and Stefano have nothing in common, their differences seem irreconcilable, but, in the beautiful spring of Naples, the unexpected happens … the sun, the sea and the bustling vitality of the city will light a flame of passion in them that will take them to squeeze in an intense embrace, and to join their lips in the first memorable kiss.

It is only the beginning of a love story that will face seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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