"Milan, the last act of love": Alda Merini and Mimmo Rotella to "explain" the beauty

A project that Alda Merini and Mimmo Rotella wanted to devote to the beauty, the one with the words, the other with pictures: poetry to paint the beautiful, beautiful painting to write. The time was their enemy. The land on which face should be an icon of grace: Marilyn Monroe, whose legend had haunted them both. I wonder if the exhibition that opens tomorrow in Milan would have been welcomed by two artists, the fact remains that began as a "last act of love", and that is enough to borrow the words of the same wheel.

A multimedia route, a film, a story spanning the figures of two artists in the background, the city as poetic

Rotella, Marilyn, 1963, décollage

scenography and theater, this is "Milan, the last act of love", which will run until February 15 to the Royal Palace.

Renato Barilli and Giuseppe Zaccaria care what you set as the path memory, a river of historical footage, voice recordings, original photographs and recite poetry to a multimedia composition that puts the viewer at the center of the event.

The story of Mimmo Rotella, edited by Renato Barilli on an idea by Piero Mascitti, director of the Foundation Rotella, spread over twenty large-format works on sheet metal, made by 80 to 2000 (most unusual) and ten dedicated to décollage Marilyn Monroe, made from the '60s to 2004. For the first time, moreover, the full play of the "phonetic poems" composed by maestro in 1949.

The in-depth section dedicated to poetry and the figure of Alda Merino is edited by Giuseppe Zaccaria and present works, poems and movies selected with the help of unpublished manuscript, University of Pavia. The exhibition is enriched with ten unpublished poems from the same fund and eight with unreleased films show that fragments of the life of the poet.

Info: 02 8056685 – www.mostrarotellamerini.it

Alda Merini

Rotella, L

Alda Merini

Rotella, PM, 1989, and décollage Sovrapitture on sheet

Alda Merini

Rotella, Renault 5, 1986, acrylic paint on poster

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