At the movies over the weekend

In this season of great success for Italian cinema, at least at the box office the weekend knocking on doors announces new explosion of popularity. Three Italian films that tomorrow we could see on the big screen, and this time there may be a surprise. Will anyone be able to replicate if not at least touch the boom Checco Zalone? Maybe there is a name and that of Antonio Albanian

  • Much-awaited Whatever, the film sees Albanian lead from TV to film the grotesque character Cetto The matter is already a success. Seguitissima the inizitive fielded by Fandango for according to the sizes of the film, including the site, have been widely followed. For more details on world Cetto, we refer to articles already published (click qui and qui). Just in these hours is the announcement that the film will participate in the Berlinale.

Michele Placido's film Vallanzasca, gli angeli del male., Presented out of competition at the Venice Film Festival has already raised much controversy, however, all trim down by the director. The story of Renato Vallanzasca in his journey from crime to bully boss does not want to be an apology, arguing Placido has repeatedly claimed to have made allegations of a criminal a hero on the big screen. He trusts in the maturity of the public. The cast: Kim Rossi Stuart, Valeria Solarino, Filippo Timi, Gaetano Bruno, Francesco Scianna, Paz Vega, Moritz Bleibtreu, Federica Vincenti, Flax Pillow, Nicholas Acuna, Stephen Chiodaroli, Giorgio Careccia, Monica Barladeanu, Gerardo Amato, Paolo Mazzarelli, Lorenzo Gleijeses, Marica Gungui, Adriana De Guinn.

  • Third Italian title output Immaturi comedy Paul Genovese signed with Ambra Angiolini, Raoul Bova, Ricky Memphis, Luca Bizzarri, Barbora Bobulova, Paul Kessisoglu, Anita Caprioli, Giulia Michelini, Luisa Ranieri, Alessandro Tiberi, Maurizio Mattioli, Giovanna Ralli. For a bureaucratic mistake, a group of forty was asked to repeat the exam. The find has forced them to return to the old days, a check on how he had then and what you have now with 20 more years on his shoulders.

  • 3D in a box to talk to children, and not only environmental sustainability, among the outputs of tomorrow remind Animals United (for details and pictures clicca qui).

  • An intense family drama against the backdrop of war in Lebanon, the woman who sings of Candes Denis Villeneuve. In point of death a woman delivered two letters to his two sons, one must hand it to an unknown father, the other to a brother who can not have. For young people begin a journey in search of their roots in the atrocities and the conflict in Lebanon.

  • A close review a film between fantasy and sentimental: Follow your heart Burr Steers (curiosity, is the only American movie of the week). A young man mourning the death of his brother spent every night next to his grave. Until the encounter with a mysterious girl will forever change his life.

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