The collections of the Louvre in Cortona. The Etruscans from the Arno to the Tiber. From March

In 2011 a Cortona collections of Etruscan art in the Louvre. Oltre quaranta le opere in mostra da 5 marzo al 3 luglio nelle stanze di palazzo Casali, where the Museum of 'Etruscan Academy, which will host a major cultural event closely linked to the history of the city in the province of Arezzo.

Palazzo Casali

After two years of exposure made with the 'Hermitage in St. Petersburg always focused on this people, this is the initiative "Le collezioni del Louvre a Cortona. Gli Etruschi dall’Arno al Tevere" which will mark the return to Italy of masterpieces from the collection of classical antiquities in Paris institution: such as the terracotta statue of Arianna da Falerii, which will be the symbolic image of the event and received the same Louvre in 1861. For four months you can also admire the idols of Falterona, the bronze head of a young man from Fiesole, jewelry collection drum (also landed on the banks of the Seine shortly after the mid-nineteenth century) and the Castellani including the diadem of gold little boy of Perugia. And, again, s arcofagi, memorial stones and reliefs that tell manhole covers in detail the system of socio-economic and cultural relations of Etruscan villages situated between the rivers

Palazzo Casali

"It attracts – says councilor for culture of Tuscany Cristina ladderthe suggestion of the theme of" return "to the house of handicrafts made in the territory that extends from Fiesole sour manhole, from Perugia to Civita Castellana, the old Falerii , up to Orvieto. Really a great photo of Etruria inside. Presenting for the first time in Italy this evidence of local production, so it will go to promote a recovery of memory. "

Curators of the exhibition are the Conservatives and Laurent Gaultier Franciose Haumesser of the department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities in the Louvre, and Paul and Paul Bruschetti Giulierini of the Museum of the Etruscan town of Cortona. In recent months, its Cortona and the museum of the French capital have teamed up. An agreement every three years. And then, in 2013, an exhibition dedicated to Etruscan Cortona will be held in the halls of the Louvre with a selection of some objects of great prestige: the history of the Val di Chiana lucumonia up to the time of the first discovery in Europe of these people. Among other things, the French museum has nothing to Cortona, early on due to the protective action carried out by 'Accademia Etrusca that since the eighteenth century has been a bulwark against the flight of many works abroad. "The two exhibitions and memoranda of intesa aimed to create a database to compile the Etruscan heritage in the great museums of Europe confirmed – added ladder – Relevance at international level assumed by Cortona for the study and knowledge of this civilization. " (Marco Fornara)

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