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Even a special approaching Arte Fiera Art First, edited by space Giacomo Guidi/MG Art arte contemporanea that in addition to the presentation of their team offers a short guide to this important program in January 28 to 31 in Bologna.

The thirty-fifth edition of the fair will feature an extraordinary presence, a true living icon of the performing arts: Marina Abramovic.

Friday, January 28, 2011 at the 'Aula Magna of Saint Lucia (Via Castiglione 26), starting at 21, the "queen of the performance" live comment on his latest Seven Easy Pieces, interviewed by art critic Renato Barilli.

In the film, made for the Guggenheim in New York, Abramovic reinterprets the five famous historical performance made by Vito Acconci, Joseph Beuyes, Valie Export, Gina Pane, Bruce Nauman, along with two other performances that she herself made. This masterpiece has already conquered the most important festivals in Israel, Poland, Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan.

The 95-minute long film will be screened on Saturday, January 29 replication at 20 and Sunday, January 30 at 14 at Cinema Lumière (Via Azzo Gardino 65).

For the evening of the 28th entry is by invitation, they will be available from Wednesday, January 26 at the URP of the University of Bologna (Via Largo Trombetti 1 – 9.00/12.30 hours) at a maximum of two calls per person. The entrance to the replicas at 20.00 on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 at 14.00 at the Cinema Lumière is free with membership card FICC.

For details:


After the first two special (clicca qui and clicca qui), we continue with the presentation of the team of artists that the gallery Giacomo Guidi – Mg Art fair will bring. Today, three more names, three different artistic backgrounds, three different appearances, all of great intensity: Eugenio Giliberti, Candida Hofer, Imi Knoebel.

EUGENIO Gili was born in Naples in 1954. In the early eighties, in a season that sees the exhaustion of experience material and the beginning of other paintings with strong values, the work of Eugenio Giliberti is defined in an area where primary research is on conceptual and methodological issues that the work be put in its and its formal definitions.

Important events in this young Italian art as "Evacuate Napoli (Naples, 1985), Sightings (Capri, 1988)," Queen Bleu "(Marseille, 1989)," Artedomani 3 "(Spoleto, 1992), in her first solo (Lisbon, Gallery Alda Cortez, 1992) the artist is working in completely new forms of conjugation of the links that relate to the shape color. In 1994 he started a research on the specific color, through sampling of the possible modes of composition of different shades, exceeding the analytical aspects of perception or to take values from the strong personal involvement in space that has to Naples (The Gallery, 1996), Montreal (Occuerrence , 1998) and Ludwigsburg (Kunstverein, 2001).

In 1996, the author of a large installation in Forma Urbis, the XXIII edition of the Biennale di Gubbio. In the late nineties the experience of color and plastic 'platonic objects' changes in three-dimensional works that take shape as the visual iconography of the human body and insects, especially the annoying mosquito, which exhibits in "Futurama" (Prato Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, 2000) and "Castles in the Air" (Naples, Museo di Castel Sant 'Elmo, 2001). In 2003 he made four paintings and plastics facilities in a solo show at Castel Sant 'Elmo in Naples and in 2006 a large solo exhibition at the Milan Gallery in the eponymous town and participated in the XII Biennial of Sculpture in Carrara. Lives and works in Naples.

CANDIDA HOFER – E 'Born in 1944 in Eberswalde, Germany. Between 1973 and 1976 he studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy from 1976 to 1982 and learned photography with Bernd and Hilla Becher. Member of the group is internationally known as the School of Dusseldorf, the artist likes to explore with documentary-style meeting places and meeting the condition of total absence of man. In his long career, playing in the 70s, dozens of international exhibitions in prestigious public and private galleries (clicca qui)

KLAUS WOLF Knoebel – Born December 31, 1940 in Germany. He spent his childhood near Dresden, and he moved with his family in Mainz in 1950. From 1962-64 he studied at the Darmstadt Imi Knoebel 'Werkkunstschule', in a course based on the ideas of the pre-Bauhaus taught by Johannes Itten and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. During the lessons Knoebel meets Rainer Griese. Both adopt the nickname Imi, a way used among friends to say "hello". Friends dal'insegnante fascinated by Joseph Beuys, the two friends moved to the Düsseldorf art academy in 1964. Knoebel In 1968 he created his first important work, an installation entitled Raum 19, named for the classroom 19 that Beuys had assigned his students at the academy. At the time Knoebel already studied the relationship between space, support and color in photographic series analysis.

We must pay tribute to one of his more inspiring, Kasimir Malevich, the 'idea of the reduction of painting to its basic coordinates. even after linear images, projected lights and white photos (1972-75), Knoebel began to use color in 1974.

From 1975 to today, Knoebel has worked on a group of works called Mennigebilder, named for a paint used in steel construction by the name of Mennige Paint, used by the artist to the works themselves. In the second half of the 70, after doing this polygon, appeared even more free forms, which contain the entire spectrum of color. Projects such as 'Deutsches Tor' and 'Kinderstern', both made nell'1988 reveal the social and political intentions dell'artistat. In 1999 he ordered 7,000 packages of IMI Knoebel Starkreiniger (cleaners) to VEB Waschmittelwerk Genthin, trying to ironically comment on the political situation of the time.

Knoebels work can be seen in the museum exhibition in Düsseldorf in 1975, Winterthur and Bonn in 1983 and Hamburg in 1992 and 2003. He also participated in important group exhibitions and in 1996 the 'Haus der Kunst in Monaco has hosted a large retrospective of his work.


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Via Morena, Gozzano (Novara)

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