At the movies over the weekend

Nine new titles tomorrow to the cinema, and there are three Italian films. Probably the most inetressanti, except for boys are doing well, the movie pluricandidato agli Oscar, which came out empty-handed from Kodak teathre but with great consensus ctitica. For the proof of the protagonist: Annette Benning (for her nomination for Best Actress). Directed by Lisa Cholodenko, the film has meanings that go beyond the same story. The long relationship between two women (next to Benning's Julien Moore) that gave rise to a "normal" family, crowned with two children. When the male comes of age, just before entering college, but a request is embarrassing: he wants to know his biological father.

And we pass the stories made in Italy.

A film inspired by a true episode of the short life of Simone Weil Emanuela Piovano, director of The troubled star, with Lara Guirao, Fabrizio Rizzolo, Isabella Tabarini, Marc Perrone, Luigi Liprandi, Danilo Bertazzi. The campaign under vine, summer, meeting with Gustave Weil, the philosopher farmer, who later publish one of his most famous manuscripts. In an environment that seems suspended in time, Simon, Gustave and his wife Yvette live an intimacy that will prove valuable and unique attraction and jealousy, gradually giving way to love and pure joy of living.

A film made ​​in recent months "Tutti al mare," the debut work of Matteo Cerami (yes, the son of the great Vi ncenzo who has written the script) with a cast of what are called stellar and declared free (you can not remake chimeras) to cult films of '77, "Il Casotto of Sergio Citti written by Cerami father, film set entirely within the four walls of a public dressing room on the Lido di Ostia. In the cabin the characters are laid bare, literally and figuratively, under the eye of the camera. "The Italy of the city, just out of the tragedy of hunger, with the bag full of chops and watermelon under his arm, went merrily in the era of prosperity and consumerism – Matteo Cerami writes in the director's notes – Today, hunger is almost gone, and the tragedy is called bulimia. There are too many images, myths, fetishes, the statues, which take off the masktion has become impossible … ". So Cerami replaced the "Casotto" of cities with a kiosk on the beach of Castelporziano crossed over a whole day to a diverse humanity's daughter this time. To manage your small business is Maureen (Mark Giallini) catalyst for everything that happens in that place caressed by the sea and "those" of "the cottage", Cerami son has not only brought his father's writing, but also has two faces: to Gigi Proietti and Ninetto Davoli and among others: Ilaria Occhini, Anna Bonaiuto, Ambra Angiolini (in the unusual guise of a rude homosexual), Libero De Rienzo, Sergio Fiorentini, Ennio Fantastichini. To learn more we invite you to read Article già pubblicato.

The first born of a film co-production Italian – Indian Gangor of Italo Spinelli. In the last contest festival di Roma . Adapted from a story by Mahasweta Devi (The trilogy of the breast) with Samrat Chakrabarti, Tillotama Shome, Seema Rahmani, Priyanka Bose, Adil Hussain. UPIN (Hadil Hussain), said reporter during a reportage on women of Purulia remains fascinated by the beauty image Gangor (Priyanka Bose) who, outside, feeding the child. That naked immortalized by the camera's UPIN will end on the front pages of newspapers, with dire consequences. In the village raise the scandal and Gangor alone must cope with the violence perpetrated by men. Taken with guilt, the reporter will do anything to help the girl, but she will rise again to denounce rapists. And there will be a process in which the mobilization of women to become theforce.


For the audience of children, animation signed Gore Verbinski, Rango, comedy western with the adventures at the center of a small chameleon swept into a town infested with bandits and outlaws. What to do to survive? Trsformarsi into a hero.

And now a French romantic comedy, Dear me, directed by Yann Samuell with Sophie Marceau in the role of a career woman with an iron fist. But for her forty years, and reach the very day of his birthday he finds himself to reckon with the wishes of the child, realizing that he betrayed them. Harbinger of what a notary in the province that sends the old letters he had sent when he was seven, a match with herself that she had written "age of reason." Emerging memories, thoughts, and then the career woman is forced to check …

Still a comedy, but English, Holy Water by Tom Reeve. The tiny and remote Irish province, four friends attacked by boredom and lack of future. They decided that to find their way will go, but with what money? Then the "big idea" is to help them, scrape together money for nothing better than to rob a shipment of Viagra on the market for resale of Amsterdam.

Missed a week with the appointment thriller. The ritual round of the Swedish Mikael Hafstrom (No one under 14 years), with Anthony Hopkins, O'Donoghue, Alice Braga, Martha and Maria Grazia Cucinotta Gastini.

The film, which was filmed in Italy last May, is a supernatural thriller that detects the presence of the devil even in the most sacred places of the earth. Inspired by true stories, the film follows the story of the seminarian Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue), which is sent to investigate the exorcism in the Vatican, despite his doubts about this practice in question, and even on his own faith. Wearing a deep skepticism as armor, Michael challenges his superiors asking them to turn to psychiatry.

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