Inside Job, quell'Oscar vivisection that the crisis

It will be remembered as a notte degli Oscar very little that policy last night, the stars have made their share of good feelings and "thank you" went to the most popular mom. Last year, the most poignant was that of gratitude to Monique Hattie Mc Daniel (Mamy Gone with the wind) which reported on the Hollywood scene of the discriminatory (yesterday) to the black population.

But the Oscar – for their nature – can not be a showcase and neutral as shown by the great success enjoyed by a few years in this part of the documentary strand, also the land of the dream has to deal with reality. So luckily it was at the Kodak teathre Charles Ferguson to pick up a well-deserved prize, one for Best Documentary, Inside Job translates to meaning "hands-on" the film that makes the full names of those who triggered the crisis . The economic crisis, of course, the one that has forever changed the destiny of the planet.

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"Sorry, I must begin by recalling that three years after a terrible financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single chief financial officer went to prison, and this is wrong. Thanks, but this is all about. And this is the movie. So, thank you all for this honor deeply. We have done very, very happy. Thank you all. At the start of the record, I'm not wearing jeans, "so the director in the customary short Acknowledgments. Interviewed behind the scenes, however, has had the opportunity to expand the concept.

And to the question why do you think that nothing has been done in this regard, it was clear "Unfortunately I think the main reason is that the financial sector has become so politically powerful that it can inhibit the normal processes of justice and police [...] I think that something will be done if and only if, the American people are angry enough. "

Ferguson also said that while filming the documentary "No member of the Obama has asked to speak with me, even off the record, including people I had known for many, many years" and that the solution is clear, though technically complicated "Elect leaders who are really determined to do something in front of what was obviously determined opposition from the financial services industry and its lobbyists."

In fact è noto that Ferguson, when asked in the film include interviews with some big shots (including members of the Obama) won only waste. But – fortunately – the list of Inside Job also consists of good, one of which is unexpected, as a former prosecutor and governor Eliot Spitzer of New York, forced to retire because they engaged in a round of prostitutes. Beyond the responsibility, the film tries to show how he was targeted because it committed to do cleaning work on Wall Street.

Biography final Ferguson was born director: in his pocket with a degree in mathematics at Berkeley and one in political science at MIT in Boston, Ferguson became a millionaire by selling Bill Gates invention, the Vermeer Technologies, which has grossed 133 million dollars. after which hath been felt free to devote himself to documentaries, the first being "No Exit in Sight" on the war in Iraq.

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