Phil Collins left the field. Health destroyed by the music

Phil Collins leave the music to health problems. The news, bitter, has been reported by the American magazine People, to which the former Genesis drummer has confessed to not being able to either sing, or compose. More than three decades to play the drums in fact have caused the hearing loss, as well as a herniated disc and nerve damage. "I do not belong to this world and do not think anyone miss me. I am very happy to be out of everything," said Collins, who is now 60 years.

His absence, however, will feel, and how. It 's the number of its suiccessi to explain it better than anything else. Were 13 songs that saw him reach the top spot in the Hit Parade in the U.S. and Britain, won seven Grammy Awards and also an Osca r, for best original song. It was 1999, the film was Disney's Tarzan.

Dozens of songs have entered the collective memory, most of them composed in the late anni9 70s to mid 90s. We want to remember only one: Another Day In Paradise. During his career, Phil Collins has sold 100 million albums, both solo and with Genesis. His latest album, Going Back, published last September 2010, is a tribute to soul.

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