Steve McCurry, great exhibition in Genoa [Photos]

Genoa hosts a great exhibition dedicated to Steve McCurry, a myth of photography, a narrator of these days.

McCurry puts humanity at the Centre of his target, searching for it in the uniqueness of every face, differences and commonalities, in the most remote places on the planet, between wars and misery, in the looks of the elderly and children’s eyes wide-open to the future.

The exhibition opens in Genoa from 18th October until February 24, 2013.

Curated by Biba Gammill and Peter Banks, the exhibition offers a high-impact of scenographic equipment, designed for one thousand square meters of the portico of Palazzo Ducale.

As a “trip around man”, the exhibition will open with a huge gallery of portraits that the objective of Mc Curry has collected throughout his long experience and continues to collect in any way. Among the scenes of this gallery, each visitor can find his way in the game of cross-references that ties together men and women from many different places on Earth.

They then venture through the traces of human presence in the most rarefied, vertigo, pain and fear that McCurry has documented with the same emotional participation. Then, visitors will find a world of poetry, where the man redeems, approaches to nature and spirit and exude the joy of living. the surprise and astonishment will characterize the trailing space, where they meet the most curious and unexpected images, where man finds his eyes of childhood and the magic of life “.

Altogether will be presented on display over 200 photos, many of them in large format. It crosses the best-known production of this great photographer, and the ever-present portrait of Sharbat Gula, Afghan Girl, published in National Geographic Magazine cover on in June 1985. The face of that girl of extraordinary beauty which embodies the ancient dignity of his battered nation back.

Greatest interest for one hundred latest images, many of which were never shown to the public before.

The last images taken using the last roll produced by Kodak, the latest trips to Cuba, Thailand and Myanmar, with a spectacular series of images dedicated to Buddhism, a selection of photographs taken in recent and numerous stays in Italy, from Venice to Sicily, from Rome to L’Aquila, and finally the pictures taken this year in Africa with a unique selection of photographic campaign just held in Tanzania under the project Tierra!, and a collaboration with Lavazza.

Steve McCurry-journey around the man | Genova, Palazzo Ducale October 18, 2012-February 24, 2013

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