Dalí at the Centre Pompidou, a Colossal exhibition in Paris

PARIS will host a major retrospective on Salvador Dalí, that will be seen next year in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.  Dalí ‘s last exhibition at the Centre Pompidou was in 1979. The artist was still alive and wanted it to be

“huge, colossal, a sort of apotheosis that make everyone understand that I am unique”.

The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dalí, 1931

This time, the exhibition will be composed by almost two hundred works including paintings, sculptures, films, photographs from the four largest collections worldwide of the Catalan artist: the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí in Figueres, the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

It’s expected to be the most important retrospective that Paris has dedicated to Dali in 30 years, similar to the epic view of ‘ 79, which with its 900,000 viewers (8000 per day on average), is still the most visited in the history of that institution.

“Salvador Dalí, now seems the artist of all paradoxes,” writes Alfred Pacquement in the catalog essay.

Author of undeniable masterpieces, especially when his painting was at its peak in the early 1930, is also the creator whose provocative attitude, especially in his last period, seems to devalue the best of his art, and whose political stance (he was a supporter of ex-ED) earned him the opprobrium of his contemporaries, starting from his surrealist friends. Dalí, though, and perhaps because of its contradictions, remains one of the most popular artists of the 20th century, the rival and the opposite of Picasso, the inventor of images and objects entered in the collective imagination, whose fame extends far beyond the art world. Unbelievable situation that it would be interesting to investigate to determine the real reasons “.

An exhibition curated by Jean-Hubert Martin, former Director of the Musée National de l’Art Moderne; with Montse Aguer, Jean-Michel Bouhours, Thierry Dufrêne.

Dali, du 21 novembre 2012 au 25 mars 2013 di centrepompidou

Produced by the Centre Pompidou and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

From 21 November to 25 March 2013.

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