Bopha Typhoon slams Philippines [Streaming Video]

NEW BATAAN, Philippines  – Communications and several roads are blocked in the southern Philippines. Rescuers searched for hundreds of people missing after the strongest typhoon this year killed at least 283 people. Interior Minister Manuel Roxas said 300 people were missing

Typhoon Bopha, with central winds of 120 kph (90 mph) and gusts of up to 115 kph, battered beach resorts and dive spots on Palawan island on Wednesday but it was weakening as it moved west. The southern island of Mindanao, was hardly hit by Bopha on Tuesday. It triggered landslides and floods along the coast and in farming and mining towns inland.

Philippines deals with this kind of tropical storms about 20 times per year. Last year,  Typhoon Washi killed 1,500 people in Mindanao.

This is a “current” video, showing the last 24 h in San Roque, Philippines.

Typhoon Bopha slams Philippines – Pic


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