Don Matteo 9: with Terrence Hill, Nino Frassica and Bud Spencer

GUBBIO prepares to host, for the ninth time, the troupe of Don Matteo who will arrive to film the ninth series of successful television series. The confirmation came from Nino Frassica (Marshal Nino Cecchino in the series) interviewed by RAI in a service on the cities where they are setting the TV serials.

Frassica has given some news: first of all Natalie Guetta (the actress who played the character of perpetual Natalina Fiotallevi, committed during the period of filming in France for another job), will return very soon.

Frassica also said that Beppe Fiorello could eventually replace Natalie (but it could possibly be a joke). A few months ago had circulated the news that in the new series of Don Matteo the couple Terence Hill and Bud Spencer would be recomposed. Probably this recomposition of the couple hit in film isn’t RAI projects but only in hopes of many loyal and faithful viewers who have made the fortune of the priest’s detective character that with great intuition and deep knowledge of the human soul, solves the most intricate cases.

From Thursday, December 6, 2012 and until February, on Raiuno, 21.15 hours approximately, will be also aired the replay of Don Matteo 8.

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