REVIEW: Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, D&G, Versace, Italian Fashion at the MFW

Winter colors by Prada

Prada showed the collection autumn / winter 2013/2014 in the Week of the Fashion in Milan. All the pieces were inserted in hot tones. For women with class, with a touch of the century XX, the collection presented a discreet style being based, essentially, on hot colors, suffering some exceptions like the green, pink and blue to give some vivid color to the station. Not very extravagant and with clothes that we can use in day by day, was so what the Prada introduced, this year, in the Week of the Fashion of Milan.

Sober and sensual collection by Gucci

They reinvented the classic by elements of modernization. Put on in sun glass and the skirts invaded the footbridge of the Gucci in the Week of Fashion of Milan.

The models caused sensation in the parade of Gucci, “attacked” by a seductive print python they appear put on sensual coats. The peplums keep on printing a touch of romanticism and on defining figures completed in coats conjugated with  skinny trousers. The specter of colors chosen by Frida Giannini for the winter varies between the bordeaux, tones of blue, green-olive and the black. The tropical inspirations appear in prints with leaves. The dresses in sand glass become compulsory in versions that are for the knee. Made eternal by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, the print cheeps of poule (crow’s foot) he gains new interpretations in just dresses. The low necklines in v are the tendency that promises to heat up the cold days. The exuberance appears in the appearances of cocktail replete of transparências, you fringe, suffer and sequins. The fluid texture becomes compulsory both in the dresses and in the skirts.

Classic and sober colors marked the collection of Giorgio Armani in the Week of the Fashion of Milan. Milan was the stage of a great name. Giorgio Armani showed his choices for the near winter, showing the colors that he used for the season. The tones of black, grey and blue were why Armani fell in love for the coldness of 2013/2014. It is from the typical classic trousers and the blazers shown in this collection that, according to the Italian fashion designer, we manage to solve the tendencies. Marked by the elegance, soberness and discretion, Giorgio Armani managed to risk with the dresses, which a touch of sensuality contains, but never going out from the classic code.

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Versace Fall 2013 2014

“Versace’s new punk, as if the spirit of punk was born today. There’s no reference to the past. With “VUNK”, Versace is fearlessly looking forward to a new glamour, and a new rock’n’roll. Extreme proportions create a contrast between shrunken silhouettes and oversized shapes, with no compromise between.”

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